Wordpress Hacks revisted

Well, I'm still trying to push some fixes into the wp core that would make db abstraction easier, but until then here is the wordpress 1.5.3 version of the files for the hack. for a new installation it's the same as always - if you're upgrading and using the hack, first upgrade using the official wordpress download, then unzip the hack and drop the changed files over top - should be no problems now :)

The changelog has all pertinent changes in it

BTW, I don't know why you people think the sqlite pragma command 'PRAGMA short_column_names = 1' is for sqlite 3 only - it's not, in fact unless you're using pdo or doing some strange compiling you can't USE sqlite 3 with php - it's for 2 !

Here are the 1.5.3 Hacked files, enjoy!

This site is now running the hack - maybe later this week I'll take a look at all the sql problems that are blocking good abstraction 1. the idiots who are using show table status to do the work of last_insert_id or select max()
2. although this only affects postgres - there are some problems with order by combined with group by and aliasing of tables

fun fun - if they'd fix the show table status stuff sqlite could have almost all the preg match stuff taken out
fixing the queries for postgres might be a bit harder

just for fun I've been running mysql in ansi mode and seeing what breaks

edit: changed download location


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[...] Hacking Wordpress UPDATE: 1.5.3 Version is out. No guarantees if it works. - more details All right, the upgrade is done, and now I have one gripe with [...]

2005-07-08 9:11 am


Greetings, and congrats on the baby!rnWas looking around for a solution to running WP on SQlite till I found your post and this:rnhttp://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2317rnrnWonder if you are planning to update your hack for WP 2.0.2?

2006-05-02 12:15 am


Actually I am eventually going to update the hack for the 2.0.2 version - if you're using mysqli you can simply copy the few lines that are changed in settings.php (the ones changing the db include depending on the DB_TYPE constant) and run - everything will just work, but I haven't tested the sqlite or postgresql stuff yet, I'm sure there are bugs that will have to be fixed - and I haven't touched the installation/upgrade stuff yet (mysqli can use the mysql statements but postgresql and sqlite have to have new ones written...grrr)

2006-05-02 3:32 am


Please skuse the question - hassle is not what I have in mind...rnrnHas anything happenned on the 2.0.2 version in the last month? I am keenly interested in a sqlite hack myself. (If it's half done I am still interested - I code PHP among other things for a living )rnrnKeep up the good work!

2006-06-10 2:52 am


lovely designed site!!rnrnpinky-licious!!

2007-04-02 6:26 am

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