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Twitter.com XSS exploit - otherwise known as "Escaping for Dummies"

This morning I noticed a really weird issue with my twitter timeline, a bunch of posts with html in them, with things like "onmouseover".

Hey look, I'm naked!

Welcome to Css naked day! Here's a pic of the pretty site courtesy of Webthumb [photopress:site_naked_larg.jpg,thumb,pp_image] so you can view the naked version even AFTER the day is done.

Just can't stay away

Html_Ajax now has a fully functional xml serializer. I spent the day writing an example and messing with the few javascript items that needed to be fixed. I'm still hitting a strange bug with Internet Explorer (of course) that makes me scratch my head, but for the most part it's working great.


Once again I've been working my tail off on HTML AJAX and it's time for a new release. I'm not doing this out of any altruism - I just want a nicely debugged working ajax solution that I can hack into kalfu properly. The biggest project this time around has been IframeXHR (xmlhttprequest) - a javascript …

Way too much HTML_AJAX and stupid Opera

I've been doing a LOT of work on the pear HTML_AJAX project. I'm usually not a big fan of pear but it's nice not to have to write everything. For the last release I tried to pin down a serializer that provides an api similiar to xajax and others - the "write no javascript - I …

Deer Park

The latest firefox upgrade (1.0.6) decided to get all crashy on me and was royally pissing me off, so I decided to take the plunge and download deer park.

Docs for xhtml 1.1

Documentation for xhtml 1.1 has often eluded me, but this is a nice way to see what is where and what's deprecated without losing my mind

Dom documentation in two flavors

I really hate IE - I can use the wonderful mozilla dom reference but of course IE doesn't do it right so I have to use Internet Explorer's version

Bookmarks for Webdesign

Bookmarks for Webdesigners

Css Formatter/Optimizer

Lookie what I found, a css formatter for lazy people like me who tend to have rather...well...insane css code by the time I'm done with a page.

Javascript goodies - textarea WYSIWYG editors

I've been meaning to integrate some nifty javascript goodies into my scripts. One thing I'd really like is a WYSIWYG editor for text (and images).

Color Design Tool

I love Wellstyled

Graphic Designers vs. Html Gurus

Ugh - I did a design this week, half of monday and all of tuesday, actually. I've never actually tried to do a logo design/layout in that amount of time but I managed. I've remembered something I've always known about myself. I'm not a graphic designer.

A brief wayback history of me online

I was considering what I named my blog the other day. Actually the title comes from some of my early forays into the online community. Before there was my Shitennou site there was my first fanfiction site called Heaven's Dawn - http://heavensdawn.org - now it's owned by one of those annoying steal the site and put …

A quick tour of html deprecated junk

So I was looking around checking on deprecated elements for xhtml 1.1 and discovered there isn't a good spot on the web that gets all the changes...so here's a quick rundown

IE7 and me whining...

I HATE internet explorer - that's bold, emphasis, captial letters hate. I really despise creating a site, getting everything working...and then IE blows something up.