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Rebellion - Chapter 01 - DRAFT

Rebellion Chapter 01
By Aurora Eos Rose

Map for Rebellion

Take a look at my nifty spifty creation - a huge old map of Innes, the mythical place where rebellion takes place, did this in photoshop and learned some neat tricks.

Rebellion - Introduction

By Aurora Eos Rose

Rebellion - DRAFT 2

rebellion is starting to take shape now, and I've decided it will only be "released" here until I've finished it in it's entirety, too many annoying fans get pissed at my slowness - see if you can figure out who's who, i give physical clues in each "scene"

Rebellion - DRAFT

Rebellion is my newest baby. I read a really fantastic fantasy a while ago called Tigana . I found it rich in character and it did something amazing - it didn't fall into the trap of "good and evil" that so many fantasies do. I also find it interesting that more women tend to understand and …