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Configuring IIS7 without the GUI

If you're like me, you're pretty used to using a text editor to set up your webserver and find gui's quite frankly annoying (and you can't store them in $insert_your_vcs_of_choice)

Cairo Alpha Released

The first alpha of the PECL Cairo extension I've been working on is finally out. Cairo is a 2D graphics library written in C with support for multiple output devices. The extension provides an Object Oriented API, but also includes procedural methods. This is similar to PHP's date and mysqli extensions. The reason for the dual …

Xdebug, Thread Safety, and PHP 5.3

There have been some changes to internal PHP stuff for 5.3, and some don't always show up unless you're looking at your compile logs and testing with thread safety on.

Setting up PhD on Windows

Documentation for PHP

Treeviews and Cell Renderer Properties - Practical PHP-GTK

I get this question a lot - "How do I change the background color of a single cell in a treeview?"

Zendcon 2008 wrap up

I recently had the privilege of attending Zendcon 2008 in Santa Clara, CA I ended up doing four talks (two regular, one panel, and one Unconference talk) in addition to working a few hours a day. It was a lot of fun, as conferences always are, and it was great to meet my friends that I …

My five (well four and one-half) issues with namespaces

Anyone who hasn't been hiding under a rock knows that the PHP 5.3 alpha has come and gone, and one of its "selling points" is a new namespace implementation.

MS Open Sources Sql Server Extension

Microsoft has put their new SQL Server Driver (for Microsoft SQL Server 2005+ and hopefully the replacement for the aging mssql extension that uses dblib) on Codeplex under their BSDish Microsoft Public License - and YES, that is OSI approved

Please turn display errors OFF

Production websites should not have big ugly php errors. If you leave display_errors on you are asking for trouble. Even worse is when this mistake is made on a site frequented by geeks of all flavors. PHP already has a "bad rap" for security (deserved or not).

Google Summer of Code - Open for Business

You know a student who needs to make some cash this summer AND likes programming? The Google Summer of Code project is open for student applications, and PHP is one of the organizations in on the fun.

Why I'm ditching Gmail

I use a lot of google's services - gmail for a nice generic address, analytics for my website, google bookmarks to keep my stuff organized. I hadn't had any problems - until today.

The Great Compile Project

yes, goofy name... the goal? All dependencies for PHP (and GTK so PHP-GTK runs smoothly) and PECL compiled on at least Visual Studio 2005 - in a completely transparent process where source changes and project files and built binaries are available to anyone.

PHP-GTK 2.0.0 Released (finally)

For those of you who didn't know - PHP-GTK 2 finally hit a final 2.0.0 release (on leapday of all things). PHP-GTK is a wrapper around GTK, a cross platform library for creating desktop applications. With it you can write desktop apps with PHP. That means no server, just a PHP CLI, the GTK libraries, and …

Hey, Code Coverage on Windows!

MS was nice enough to grant several members of the PHP community (including me) some MSDN licenses which include the "beefed up" versions of Visual Studio which have some additional tools including testing and code coverage.

Belated New Years Resolutions

Well, here's the promised resolutions post, a little late. I actually did start it earlier, but life and kids interrupted. We'd been planning to go the the Museum of Science and Industry for almost a month now to see the Star Wars exhibit before it closed with the kids. Well in addition to that I had …

Switching jobs, picking pickles...errr...PECL's

Life's been pretty busy for me lately. I'm switching jobs (more on that later) and starting to get into the article writing and podcast gig.

ZendCon Day 3 - (Beam me home next time)

I didn't think I'd manage to wake up the last day. It had been a very late night and the pasta from the day before gave me an incredibly upset stomach. But the thought of Cory Doctorow made me get up and at it.

ZendCon Day 2 - (Holy Unconference Batman)

Day 2 ... well let's just say we all got up a little later. Day 1 I had been on Eastern time still so at 5:30 I was awake and ready to go, Day 2 meant a more normal 7am wake up. I had meant to sleep in, except that I forgot I had signed up …

ZendCon Day 1 (and how I adopt people)


ZendCon Day 0 (and pre-conf)

I could have been a good girl and blogged each day I was there, but I was generally way too busy for that...so here are my random thoughts and opinions on ZendCon 2007.

Perverting windows with PHP

It's been awhile since I've written. Summer is always a busy time with vacations and summer sports and dealing with four little ones at home. However school has started again and I'm officially "back to work".

PHP-GTK2 Beta on Windows

In case you haven't noticed from the glut of other blogs announcing it - PHP-GTK2 beta has been released. A lot has been accomplished from the alpha in terms of fixed bugs, features, and other fun stuff. I've been self-volunteered to do the windows builds. Should be unzip and run on any windows above 95/98, but …

PECL on Windows - Yes I'm odd

So my current project is complete (my build system is working except for the automatic part - need a new nic so it can upload without me repairing the connection...and a new libssh2 that doesn't crash on disconnect) next on my list is the "GREAT PECL WINDOWS FUN HAPPY"...err I'll stop now.

How to Compile PHP5.2 and PHP-GTK2 on Windows using Visual C++ Express

Welcome to the wonderful world of Microsoft Windows
"I'm trying to compile PHP on Windows"

Edin's Treasure Trove - or how to actually get PHP 5.2 compiling on Windows

After Pierre's nice hint after my rant about compile failures (his comment said download this huge file from Edin's site...)