I've been involved in many open source projects, online fan communities, and sewing groups. You'll find information about current and past projects. Hopefully I won't volunteer myself for any new projects, I'm far too busy already

Community Projects - Open Source

phpmentoring - Started after positive responsive from some conference talks on mentoring other developers and my own experiences as a mentor and apprentice. Ended up being much bigger then I expected

phpwomen - I was a charter member (founding member) and am still a member of the board, but I wasn't actually one of the founders (that honor is Elizabeth Naramore's and Ligaya Turmelle's) I just stood up to be counted in the first wave.

Code Projects - Open Source

Active Lead

gtkforphp - This will be PHP-GTK3 - only with a name that doesn't skirt the edges of the PHP license with naming. GTK for PHP will have both partially generated static extensions for GTK stack components and an extension that will do dynamic runtime importing of components. This was originally hosted on bitbucket but moved to github

winapiforphp - A set of namespaced, object oriented PHP extensions wrapping components of the Windows C API.

Active Contributor

PHP - Was originally very active in the PHP on Windows movement but have since moved on due to personality clashes. Still contribute occasional patches and fixes, file bugs, and help with documentation.

Coapp - This is package management for windows (apt-get for windows for anyone with a linux background).

Maintenance Lead

These are projects I maintain but don't necessarily intend to spend a lot of time on

PECL Cairo - Wrapper for the cairo graphics library. Dual API, PHP 5.3 and 5.4 support, integration with php-gtk2. Will eventually be moved into gtkforphp and the Cairo namespace.

php-gtk2 - Wrapper for the gtk+ library. Also includes support for pango, atk, and cairo integration (with pecl cairo) Only supports gtk+ 2.x

Maintenance Contributor

Various PECL extensions - Have done windows build fixes, bug fixes, and other random feature and code changes to various pecl extensions as time and need warrant

Wordpress Database Abstraction - Partially supported during work time, this is a plugin that intercepts and rewrites mysql queries with the use of lots of regexes, to allow it to run on SQL Server (T-SQL)

Discontinued Lead

Callicore - php-gtk2 app helper framework, might yet pick this up again in a gtkforphp version

Perisama - I used to do windows builds for PHP and open source software on many windows compilers - coapp should make this easier to do and distribute

Forkr - When php 5.2 came along I tried to do a variety of frameworks as well, but ironically involvement in the PHP and php-gtk core communities began to limit my code side involvement. This is the last of those projects, and the only one with any traces left. Lack of time and money behind the framework/cms project meant it died. The source code is around somewhere, but the private svn server no longer exists.

phpFanfiction - Before I understood how stupid the php{whatever} naming was, I wrote software that didn't suck for managing a fanfiction library. However I didn't have a lot of time to devote to it, and it fit better as a cms "module" then a completely separate piece of software. It's still running on the anime fan site I run, although it doesn't get a lot of use.

wbdp - Hacks for making wordpress have database abstraction. The antipathy to real db abstraction code from the core devs and difficulty of supporting regex based replacements for query strings meant I didn't keep supporting the project for long.

tapps - My first open source project and an aborted attempt at a widget oriented PHP4 CMS - real life got in the way. I did run a version of this on my personal site but never committed all the code. Due to sourceforge's rules that code will be around forever...

Discontinued Contributor

Wordpress - did several hacks and patches, including real db abstraction and a hack implementation, finding several db layer issues. Stopped contributing after discovering security fix commented out. If BC is more important then security, I'm not interested.

PEAR - I was active on the mailing lists and working on cleaning up phpDocumentor and working on features for HTML_Ajax for a period of time. However I left when arguments over supporting PHP 5.0 degraded into a mess.

Phpdocumentor - UPDATE: phpDocumentor has since been merged with another project to become phpDocumentor 2. Last I checked they were still using my circa 2006-7 logo though. phpDocumentor 1 One of my few site designs (hey, check the date - yes that's a 2007 layout) I helped out with phpdocumentor things when Greg and Josh asked, I also tried working on a cleanup/rewrite but the parser code was far too difficult (this was pre 5.3, goto, and closures)

postnuke - Was the next stop for my sites, until general dissatisfaction with coding standards and practices led me to write custom code.

phpbb - I used phpnuke together with custom code and yapbb for a short while, when the rumblings about integrating phpbb started in the phpnuke community, I started using it, and continued until too many hacks led me to fudforum - what I'm still using.

php-nuke - As my website audience for my anime site grew, I needed more features, hence php-nuke and forays into custom blocks, functionality, and yapbb integration.

Yapbb - The very first PHP code I ever installed, opened, and hacked upon

Writing Projects

I always have several projects I should be writing. I tell myself stories to get to sleep at night, and wish that I could find a really good dictation program which understand my Northern-Midwest accent. I don't write a lot of non-fiction - both because there's little money in it and because there's so much fiction I desperately want to get out and never have the time.


Like most people I long to write the "great american novel" - well fantasy novel for me.

Original Fiction

  • The Balance - 2010 NaNoWriMo (didn't quite finish) - fantasy, multi-book plotline
  • Atlantic Jewel -historical romance
  • Time of the Avatars - fantasy, originally a fanfiction that took on a plot of it's own
  • Lista - children's fantasy
  • Yet Unnamed - sci-fi (alien invaders genre)


  • Realization - Sailor Moon Fandom
  • Redemption - Sailor Moon Fandom
  • Rebellion - Sailor Moon Fandom
  • Random short stories- Sailor Moon Fandom
  • Unnamed Star Wars Fandom
  • Unnamed Dragonball Z Fandom
  • What if he said yes? - Harry Potter Fandom
  • Time is Space - - Harry Potter Fandom
  • If three is a crowd, does that make 7 a harem? - Harry Potter Fandom

Crafts Projects

I have several projects in various stages, and a bunch of material in my basement I should sew up - but first I need to ebay a bunch of extra doll stuff I currently have in my basement.

  • PHP pattern double knit scarf
  • American Girl Doll hat, scarf, and gloves sets
  • Bitty Baby layette set
  • Teddy Bear cross-stich blanket
  • Family "Feet" sets for kids