Just can't stay away

Html_Ajax now has a fully functional xml serializer. I spent the day writing an example and messing with the few javascript items that needed to be fixed. I'm still hitting a strange bug with Internet Explorer (of course) that makes me scratch my head, but for the most part it's working great.

I just can't leave anything half done. I'd like to pound on that IE bug for awhile, but I already had to mess enough with non-standard activex implementation weirdness - enough for today at any rate. The xml serializer would likely be more useful on a totally xml page using stylesheets and/or xsl than the way I used it. I had a lot of fun writing implementations for both dom and domxml on the php side too. Supporting php4...bah.

In any case, if you're brave, try it (I've only really tested it in IE and firefox) - tell me if it breaks anywhere. XML support cross browser is horrendously flakey, but maybe there are workarounds somewhere :)


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