About Me

If I could do anything in the world, money no object, I'd start a project to do nothing but finance people to work on cool open source projects. There are so many good ideas out there for technology solutions to problems, but a great idea means nothing without a great implementation. I keep telling my husband I'm never going to retire, because I love what I do and intend to do it until I can't type anymore (or speak, or flick my eyes depending on how good technology has become). I have a hard time saying no to anything, so don't ask me to volunteer (please!), and have a head filled with enough ideas that even an army of people could never finish.

Now for the boring standard about me - for use on profiles everywhere

Elizabeth and Tori
Elizabeth M. Smith is a developer, speaker, and writer with an unhealthy obsession with learning new programming languages and making everything compile on windows. She has been using PHP since time immemorial (PHP 4.0beta), but has used PHP 5 for so long now she's forgotten how she ever got by with the old mess. She enjoys doing very perverse things to Windows using PHP as well - all this in between caring for her 4 kids, husband, golden retriever, and cat who thinks she's a dog.

She went to college for an English degree and instead wound up with several children and a career in computers... Her first foray into PHP was running an anime/manga fan site. She liked creating applications and websites so much, it became her "day job".
Not on the velvet hat!
Elizabeth is a charter member of PHPWomen.org and asks the question "Why didn't I ever try this in school", and wants to make sure other women have the same opportunity to see how much fun programming can be. She is active in several projects including Gtk for PHP, and Coapp

Elizabeth really does Laugh Out Loud whenever she types "LOL", talks animately, continuously, and with her hands in person, and isn't fond of shoes or housework.