Wrapping up the Year

I've decided to start a new tradition this year after almost three years of this "blog" thing (wow... I started this in 2005) I'm doing an end of the year wrap up and you'll see my nice "New Year's Resolutions" come morning.

Day 11 - Lemon Butter Cookies

These are a slightly tart change from the usual super sweet cookies at Christmas time. They taste best with fresh lemon, you can get lemon zest by scraping the yellow part of the rind off the lemon - try not to get the white part, that's bitter. Or you can cheat and buy it in the …

Day 10 - Moroccan Crunch

This is a very unusual chex mix variant, both savory and sweet. I make it to "use up" the leftover cereal after making the other varieties.

Day 9 - Peanut Brittle

This was actually going to be made before my adventures in chex mix, but my son broke my candy thermometer and I had to wait until I had time to buy a new one.

Day 8 - Puppy Chow

This is also known as "Muddy Buddies" or "Puppy Food" but we've always called it dog chow. I only make this with Crispix cereal, Chex mix just doesn't seem right (and doesn't have as "dog food" of a shape)

Day 7 - Traditional Chex Mix

The age old stuff that your mom always made and is still great to munch on - keep out of reach of children, it won't last long.

Day 6 - Ranch Mix

Ah, the chex mix variations brigade. My kids love this stuff, made from roasted cereal with butter and seasonings. I make several versions of it, traditional, ranch, and Moroccan (sweet and fruity). You can make it in the microwave, but it's so much better in the oven. However, it's not really kid safe if you're making …

Day 5 - Peppermint Hard Candy

Ah, traditional hard candy. Pure sugar with some flavoring and food coloring, but kids love to suck on it (and it makes the whole house smell like peppermint) Like other candies, have everything ready before you start cooking, and don't let kids help with this, also be careful, we don't want any burns!

Day 4 - English Toffee

This is hard butter toffee, not the gooey kind (which is more like hard caramel) This is also deadly, anyone left alone with a bag will devour it all. It is probably my husband's favorite Christmas sweet. This is another candy, so a good candy thermometer is essential. Also this is not something children should be …

Day 3 - Caramels

Ah, yummy gooey caramels, the kind that stick to your teeth and taste great! Warning- to make great caramels you need to follow the directions carefully, and have a good candy thermometer. This is also not something you should make around kids, you'll be dealing with very hot temperatures.

Day 2 - Peanut Butter Balls

These have always been a favorite of my brother, Joshua. They take very few ingredients and are fun to make with kids.

Day 1 - Chocolate Covered Pretzels

It's a Christmas tradition in my family to bake. All that Mennonite and Amish background bubbles to the surface around holidays. I enjoy making a different "sweet" every day the entire month of December.

Switching jobs, picking pickles...errr...PECL's

Life's been pretty busy for me lately. I'm switching jobs (more on that later) and starting to get into the article writing and podcast gig.

Look, I found an idiot!


ZendCon Day 3 - (Beam me home next time)

I didn't think I'd manage to wake up the last day. It had been a very late night and the pasta from the day before gave me an incredibly upset stomach. But the thought of Cory Doctorow made me get up and at it.

ZendCon Day 2 - (Holy Unconference Batman)

Day 2 ... well let's just say we all got up a little later. Day 1 I had been on Eastern time still so at 5:30 I was awake and ready to go, Day 2 meant a more normal 7am wake up. I had meant to sleep in, except that I forgot I had signed up …

ZendCon Day 1 (and how I adopt people)


ZendCon Day 0 (and pre-conf)

I could have been a good girl and blogged each day I was there, but I was generally way too busy for that...so here are my random thoughts and opinions on ZendCon 2007.

Building PHP on Windows - Unconference Slides

Here's a link to my pretty keynote generated pdf for my building php on windows slides. If you have questions or comments feel free to get ahold of me. Now to write slides for the desktop talk tomorrow...oops.

Perverting windows with PHP

It's been awhile since I've written. Summer is always a busy time with vacations and summer sports and dealing with four little ones at home. However school has started again and I'm officially "back to work".

PHP-GTK2 Beta on Windows

In case you haven't noticed from the glut of other blogs announcing it - PHP-GTK2 beta has been released. A lot has been accomplished from the alpha in terms of fixed bugs, features, and other fun stuff. I've been self-volunteered to do the windows builds. Should be unzip and run on any windows above 95/98, but …

First of the "other open source stuff" for Perisama

In addition to making php and lots of php extensions available for download, I'm also slowly working on getting some common open source libraries and tools (mainly ones used by/for php and php-gtk) compiling on windows. For some libraries this isn't a problem, for others it won't be so easy.

"Patches Welcome" - Open Source Rant

Personal pet peeves of mine

PECL on Windows - Yes I'm odd

So my current project is complete (my build system is working except for the automatic part - need a new nic so it can upload without me repairing the connection...and a new libssh2 that doesn't crash on disconnect) next on my list is the "GREAT PECL WINDOWS FUN HAPPY"...err I'll stop now.